Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Upcoming classes by Lynna

For those of you wondering what's coming up in classes...

Mini Art
We are going to take a look at using your scraps in creating mini art. We will cover inchies, rinchies, twinchies, ATCs and Moo cards. If you don't know or haven't heard all about these, this class will get you going. Even if you have done 1 or more of these, you can still learn about the others. You will need to bring: paper scraps (including any specialty papers), bits & pieces (can be anything relatively small like bling, brads, flowers, puzzle pieces, old game bits, magazine pictures, eyelets, stickers, or other embellishments), adhesives (may want a couple kinds), scissors, and your favorite tools. If you have small square or circle punches, you may want to bring them. We will have a small basket of embellishments available to use. The pieces pictured are just examples I made from my stash of goodies. This class is a great way of going green by using all of your small scraps. Think about all those little pieces of paper you throw away and consider making them into art instead!
Class price is $17. Class dates are: Saturday, May 9 @ 12 pm & Wednesday, May 13 @ 1pm

The other class I've got scheduled is called Scraponomics. It is not a true class, but more like a seminar. We will not be making anything, but you will have handouts and see examples of items I've made. This will also be an exchange of ideas, so come with your favorite recycling ideas.
In this day and time, it is essential to find ways to save money. I've got some really great ways to recycle/reuse household items in your crafting. From the cereal boxes to using some long forgotten items in your kitchen. We will explore alternatives to purchasing some embellishments and teach you how to stretch your money a lot further.
At the end of class, I welcome you to challenge me. Bring in an item that you would like to reuse and if I can't come up with an answer within 5 minutes, you win a gift! Also, the best tip will receive a special surprise, so come with your thinking caps on and your creative juices flowing!
Class price is $15. Seminar dates are: Wednesday, May 27 @ 1pm & Saturday, May 30 @ 10 am.

Spaces will be limited, so sign up soon to reserve your spot!!

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